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Review of student- Markus E. - Engineer - Oil & Gas 

"Thanks a lot for the valuable course!
I highly recommend it to everyone who wishes to improve his knowledge on Piping components and Project Management.
Will recommend it colleagues"   

Rating 5/5 Stars * * * * *  
Date    2019-05-16

Review of student- Joseph O. - Project  Manager - Industrial Process Piping 

"It was time and money well spent. Will surely be applied to my job as I now have better understanding of every topic taught. A job well done by Piping Academy. Thanks a lot"   

Rating 5/5 Stars * * * * *  
Date    2019-04-09

Review of student- Robert A. - Procurement Manager - Piping components

"The course was highly detailed with very good pictures. This will help me in a lot in my work and I can now ask better questions to manufacturers before purchasing. I would recommend this course to everyone working with piping materials"   

Rating 5/5 Stars * * * * *  
Date    2019-03-02

Review of student- Sujing X. - Engineer - Industrial Process  Piping

"It was perfect! Many thanks for this excellent study program"   

Rating 5/5 Stars * * * * *  
Date    2019-03-02

Review of student- Ahmed Y. - Project  Manager / Engineer  - Pacific Offshore Platform

"Great material with detailed description and applications. Enrolling in Piping Academy┬┤s online course has helped me a lot to improve in my job as a project manager. Thank you."   

Rating 5/5 Stars * * * * *  
Date    2019-03-16

Review of student- John V. - Project Coordinator- Process Piping

"Very comprehensive training. Way of presentation is very good as well. Thank you for providing all this helpful knowledge"   

Rating 5/5 Stars * * * * *  
Date    2019-03-14

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Piping Training

A real-life industrial course on Piping Components used in the Oil & Gas industry.

This course is based on years of field experience to ensure that you know every aspect of piping components.